The Feminine Mindset Coach Mastermind
"Launch and Live"
As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Person Sharpens Another. Proverbs 27

Let's Recap What We Discussed In The Video Training

Claim Your Freedom And Reach Your Financial Goals In Sisterhood & Support
Led By Safiyah Satterwhite M.A, M.Ed, A.B.D
Thank You Safiyah! I had my FIRST $5000 WEEK As A Relationship Coach
"After coaching for 4 years, I knew that I had a world changing message, but I was still struggling with bringing in the income that I needed to survive let alone build my business. Within 30 days of taking Safiyah's advice, I created a highly-targeted, amazing program for my ideal client, was able to get laser-focused and had my first $5,000 week! Her coaching is highly valuable and empowered me to completely transform my business."

Here is what I know about you:

You are ready to create the life that you want to live …

A Life of Freedom
A Life of Meaning
A Life of Joy
and you desire to do it by being of profound service to the world while making more than enough from doing what you LOVE.

…But you just can’t seem to master this business thing. 

The clients …
they trickle in and then disappear…

The cash…
nothing to write home about …
And your confidence is fading….FAST

What would it feel like to finally get the support that you need to take a stand for what you really want?
the meaning that you crave to get out of engaging in work that fuels your soul

the financially thriving business that speaks from your heart and

the legacy that is waiting for you to step in and lead.

I had my first $15,000 month and secured my first speaking engagement!!

Ayesha Rodriguez, NEW Business Coach

Your Mastermind seat includes:

- accountability with video sessions every other week with your sister group (dates & times TBD).

- access to a robust video library of business and marketing training modules that will ensure that you have the technical training to skyrocket your success in the coaching industry.

- High level support from Safiyah and your mastermind group every session so that you have an opportunity to receive coaching through your stuck points and business hurdles.
       "My business has skyrocketed"
              Dana Regan – Life Coach & Yoga Retreat Leader

“THANK YOU so much Safiyah!!!

Your support means so much and thank you to this amazing community of sisters!!!! Since I signed up for Launch and Live my business has skyrocketed! In 6 WEEKS I have made more money then I have in 6 YEARS of coaching!!!! And beyond the money, YES, it is true, I am working with my IDEAL clients!

My ROI has proven that investing in high quality support (Safiyah & her brilliant programs) comes back 10 fold and beyond! After working with Safiyah, I am now enrolling ideal clients regularly, have created irresistible coaching programs + have never felt more supported to keep living my dreams!”
Safiyah Satterwhite M.A, M.Ed, A.B.D
Ivy League Certified Business Coach
You are in good hands!!
I have helped some of the most successful online coaches, wellness entrepreneurs, naturopathic doctors and movement leaders thrive online. 

5 Years ago after founding and leading my own multiple seven figure wellness venture I deeply craved more freedom, and decided to venture out and try this whole online coaching and consulting thing. 

Little did I know, after clearing six figures in my first year - that I created a model for building a start up with ease that could allow women to be of service to the world, make money, travel and be totally feminine, soulful and spiritual in the process. 

“I quit my job, filled my yoga class and landed an unexpected private client!"

Heidi Walt, Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach

Give a round to some of the guest faculty you will have access to in our mastermind learning platform {including and not limited to}:
Copywriting Expert Erica Lee Strauss Teaching: 

How To Write A Sales Page That Converts
Luxury Brand Designer For Coaches Angelica Dezel Teaching: 

How To Design A Luxe Website That Attracts Your Ideal Clients
Online Expert For Women In Wellness Amanda Cook Teaching:

How To Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Personal Brand
High End Branding Photographer Heidi Hapanowicz Teaching:

Prepping for A Branded Photoshoot That Conveys YOU!

“THANK YOU so much Safiyah, I am BOOKED ! 

"With the increased visibility and exposure I learned how to gain in Launch and Live, I saw an increase in speaking engagements and live events from people who saw me online. 

This led to me being booked for over 7 live events in 8 months and clients from EACH those events!!" Megan Aderele, Business Coach

Your up-level is waiting.

"Safiyah, you helped me get CRYSTAL clear on my target audience so that I could write copy that attracts my ideal clients. The LBD statement in Launch and Live helped me find the language that I now use for my speaking engagement proposals and blurbs. 

Thank you for giving me the confidence to talk openly and comfortably about what I do, why I do it, and who I do it for."

"I landed 2 clients in 24 hours!!" 

Adama Hamadi (Confidence Coach)

Frequently Asked Questions
I am not a coach - I sell products like yoga mats and natural skin care. Can I still sign up for this?
Because we pair women up with complementary offerings and most of the women applying are coaches or service based women entrepreneurs, we recommend that only service providers apply.

I am still in my coach training program. Is it too early to sign up for this program?

The sooner you sign up for business training and support the better.

I am a nurse and want to start wellness coaching. Do I need a certification to join this mastermind?

I have coached many nurses, doctors and wellness practitioners who desire to either transition fully into coaching or add it on to their existing work. You do not need a coaching certification to coach and this program will pair you with a group that you can learn from and refine your client creation skills.

Build Your Practice In Sisterhood And Support. 
Say Yes To Community.
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