"By working with Safiyah, I had my first $15,000 Month !"

Ayesha Rodriguez, Business Coach & Education Entrepreneur
The 6 Month Diamond Mentorship 
6 Months with Safiyah for women creating multiple six figure freedom based movements

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I get it. 

You have such expertise, passion and a deep desire to help other people but following what the 'gurus' want you to do to build and grow your business is not only unrealistic but it 'at times' rubs your soul the wrong way.

You feel called to do life and business differently and you just wish that you could find a mentor and coach who is feminine, successful and heart driven just like you.

Because, your clients are waiting for you to really kick this thing off and being "sold out" in your practice is just what you need to reinforce the value that you have to offer the world.

Imagine what it would feel like to be in complete flow in your business, effortlessly signing clients into your packages and services, consistently getting your tribe results and feeling magnetic as your business revenue and impact continues to rise. 

This is what women experience from private coaching and they get to do it in a completely feminine way.

Coaches and wellness entrepreneurs who have signed up for private coaching with me typically have goals to create $105,000 or more in business revenue and want to grow their business in a way that is aligned to their heart.

So if you have already started your practice, served clients and desire to enhance your results  - you are invited to explore this level of support. 

"Through working with Safiyah, in 6 WEEKS I have made more money then I have in 6 YEARS of coaching!!

And beyond the money, YES, it is true, I am working with my IDEAL clients!

My ROI has proven that investing in high quality support (Safiyah & her brilliant programs) comes back 10 fold and beyond!

After working with Safiyah, I am now enrolling ideal clients regularly, have created irresistible coaching programs + have never felt more supported to keep living my dreams!”

Dana Regan – Life Coach & Retreat Leader

Is it time for you to LOOK inside?

The work that I do with my clients is not just evaluating where the breakdown is in your sales or marketing processes but it is uncovering how you are showing up in the world - as a woman in business. 

Who is the woman that you desire to be in life during this business season and how can you be HER .....Better?

None of us can do this alone, which is why I consistently invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own education, coaching, training and support.

You deserve support to ascend through the challenges that keep you stuck

You deserve to LOVE your business
You deserve to find your flow
And YOU deserve to feel free.
“Thank you Safiyah, I quit my job, filled my studio class and landed my first private client!"

Heidi Walt, Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach
Feel Unstoppable
A Woman's Way
"After coaching for 4 years, I knew that I had a world changing message, but I was still struggling with bringing in the income that I needed to survive let alone build my business. 

Within 30 days of taking Safiyah's advice, I created a highly-targeted, amazing program for my ideal client, was able to get laser-focused and had my first 5K week! 

Her coaching is highly valuable and empowered me to completely transform my business. If anyone I know needs a business coach I am sending them straight to her. She is a powerful support and a phenomenal coach."

Candice Harper, Love Coach - I help single women in their 30's and 40's create the love life they desire and deserve.

Safiyah Satterwhite M.A, M.Ed, A.B.D
Leading Leadership & Business Coach for Coaches & Wellness Entrepreneurs

Achieving what you define as success requires so much more than the technical help and guides available to you.  


Because if it was that easy everyone would be wildly happy and satisfied with life.

But let's face it - there are real things that are blocking you from reaching your dreams.

As women learning the ropes of this patriarchal society we have lost our ability to be intimately in tune with our inner wisdom and drifted from our true desires leaving us on a hamster wheel chasing the wrong goals and making little progress towards the life that we were meant to live.

Coming face to face with our stories, our thought patterns, our conditioned behaviors and healing from our wounds helps us finally create the momentum we crave.

It is time for you to step into your authentic essence, leverage your natural strengths and excel towards your goals with ease and flow.

You have power. 

Let's tap into your spirit as an empowered woman and get you on track to making real progress towards a life and business better than your dreams.

"May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed" 
Psalm 20:4
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure" - M. Williamson

Ivy league certified coach Safiyah Satterwhite is the go to expert for driven women entrepreneurs who desire to beautifully and authentically accelerate their business and financial success with freedom and personal power.

With a background in building multiple seven and six figure environmental, wellness and transformational movements Safiyah supports women in uncovering their unique essence, becoming more in tune with their true dreams and desires, anchoring into their spirituality and stepping joyfully into doing what they were made for.

Safiyah has coached new traditional and non traditional doctors, online movement leaders, consultants, women in wellness, life, leadership, relationship, health and business coaches in making deep shifts in their personal habits, beliefs and lifestyle in order to increase their confidence, have a greater impact, increase their revenue and create a deeply fulfilling life. 

Every player in this industry needs a coach.

In her spare time she supports humanitarian efforts around the world that include funding creative arts and ecologically conscious schools, wellness initiatives and growing the field of coaching.