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One 90 Minute Coaching Session That Could Change Your Business and Your Life
With Ivy League Certified Coach & The Feminine Mindset Founder - Safiyah Satterwhite M.A, A.B.D
Only 10 Private Spaces Available
Have you ever felt like you are the hours, days and weeks start to blend together as if you are stuck in a trance?

What happened to the exciting life that you thought was waiting? When did you go from wanting more to settling for monotony? 

In your heart, you know that you could be serving such a higher purpose but the hamster wheel of the life you created is addicting, comforting and familiar.

When a woman is not allowing a full expression of her gifts, she feels uncomfortable, uneasy and as if she is not making progress in life

Her body and mind will often indicate that something is wrong; by giving off a feeling of being unfulfilled and unsatisfied. And when the dissonance becomes too much she starts to crave more. 

Where are you on this journey?

Do you desire more from and for yourself?

This 90 minute customized session is for you if you are ready to step into a new season in your life. It is also for you if you feel unhappy in the work that you are in and desire to create something in the world that allows you to leave a legacy you are proud of. 

Uncovering and processing through your story with professional support is a crucial part of this process - it helps you get clear on exactly what you should be creating in the world and how you can feel authentically unstoppable while doing it. 

When I left the traditional working world, years ago, to venture off and become an entrepreneur  - learning more about me and who God created me to be - was the best professional development experience I had ever gotten. 

I learned how to get greater results in my life and business by becoming more {not less} of me. I got clear on what I should be building and how I can make a greater contribution to our world without sacrificing my income or desires. I got more in tune with how my life experiences have prepared me for these very moments and saw the 'through line' of my purpose.

Are you ready to experience more of you, uncover your strengths and unveil how they need to be used in the world?

Are you ready to go from stuck, discouraged, running in circles and lost to clear, capable, discovered and found?

During our 90 minutes together we will uncover how you can:

*Uncover, Awaken and Process your story
*Step into alignment with how you were meant to show up and lead in this world
* Gain clarity on what your inner voice is calling you to do in this next season of transition 
*Learn how to use your unique gifts to accelerate your success. 
*Start leading a life and business grounded in authenticity and personal power. 
*Process through any harbored emotions or dilemmas that might be holding you back from becoming the woman you desire to be.
*Experience unstoppable momentum weeks and months after the session as you anchor more fully into living a life creating and leading what you were made for. 

I am so excited to support you and only have a few spaces. Click the button below to secure your session.