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The 2018 Mastermind Registration Is Open

Grow your profits and your practice in our 4 month mastermind for Coaches & Wellness Entrepreneurs who are ready to skyrocket their success and claim their freedom.

Welcome to the first intimate global online mastermind that not only focuses on the Businesss of transformational work, but additionally and most importantly supports coaches and wellness entrepreneurs in growing in their coaching skill so that their confidence becomes magnetic

Once the hurdle of 'getting' clients is overcome (which we master during the first few sessions of the mastermind) - 

Bigger areas of self doubt start to arise for women entrepreneurs as they wonder.... 

"Can I actually get my clients results?"
"What questions are best to ask to guide my client towards true transformation"
"What do I do if a client triggers an emotion in me during a session" 
And more.

Every serious player in the coaching and transformational industry is plugged in to a community that allows her to grow and become a better practitioner so that she can reach her financial goals joyfully.

Masterminds provide the accountabiilty, support and challenge to make this possible. 

Being a woman entrepreneur is a lonely yet rewarding field, and the only way to keep yourself on track, encouraged, and motivated is to find your tribe of sisters and stay plugged in. 

Coaching works. 
Community works.
Collaboration works.
AND feedback is priceless.

Step into this 2018 weekly mastermind to experience them all.


As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Women Sharpens Another. 
Proverbs 27

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

"4 NEW Private Clients and 11 Group Clients in less than 90 days! " 

In the Master Coach Mastermind with Safiyah, I felt part of a group (literally) and that I am not alone on this journey. When you work by yourself, you feel that urge to share ideas and knowledge with others, but doing that in a safe place is even better.

Rita Avellar, Health Coach, IIN Grad

Build Your Practice with Safiyah Satterwhite. As Seen In 
You are in good hands!
Your mastermind facilitator, founder and lead coach, Safiyah Satterwhite M.A, M.Ed, A.B.D is not only Ivy League trained and certified as an Executive Business Coach, has created her own multiple seven figure wellness school, multiple six figure online coaching practice and been coaching for 10 years....

She additionally has been mentored and trained by the top online leaders and coaches around the globe.

...from Columbia University and Harvard all stars to online celebrities...

She consistently invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in her own support, training and education so that she grows in her personal mastery as she supports you in tripling your investments and growing your heart driven business quickly and easily.

“I quit my 2nd job, filled my yoga classes and landed my first high end wellness client!"

Heidi Walt, Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach

Sisterhood & Support Is Waiting

I saw that Safiyah's was offering this Master Coach Mastermind, and I loved her other content. After we had our initial call I just knew intuitively it was the right fit for me, and it has definitely proved to be as such!

I have more than doubled my list, I have gotten some SERIOUS momentum in my business, I've clarified my message and my purpose in business, and have redefined and REFINED my target audience! 

If it feels a little scary (or even A LOT scary) but deep down you want it, if it's an intuitive YES, (EVEN if it's a scary yes), say yes. Say yes to yourself. 

You won't be sorry that you did. Take the leap lady.

Heather Hartman, Online Visibility Coach

Thank You Safiyah! I had my FIRST $5000 WEEK As A Relationship Coach
"After coaching for 4 years, I knew that I had a world changing message, but I was still struggling with bringing in the income that I needed to survive let alone build my business. Within 30 days of taking Safiyah's advice, I created a highly-targeted, amazing program for my ideal client, was able to get laser-focused and had my first $5,000 week! Her coaching is highly valuable and empowered me to completely transform my business."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a coach to apply?
The application approval process is not based on your credentials but on what you desire to create, your individual strengths and weaknesses. Although mostly coaches who desire to grow an online business/ practice apply - there is no requirement for you to be a coach and there is certainly not a requirement to be certified. 

How does it work?
A mastermind offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. Our mastermind sisterhood is designed specifically to help you achieve success. Through our signature mastermind group process, first you create a goal, then you design a plan to achieve it,  lastly you will experience hot seats monthly where you will receive coaching from group members, and Safiyah on blocks you are experiencing in reaching your goal, share coaching strategies and create life long business bonds in our facebook group of clients. 

The group requires commitment, confidentiality, willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. 
Our group will meet weekly via zoom video conference on a specified day at a consistent time for our sessions January 2018  - April 2018. (Dates and times are selected following the application selection process ). 

Being in a mastermind is a must for every woman in business - the support is priceless. 

Do you accept network marketers?
Typically this experience is intended for independent practice/ business owners.

Can I apply if I am a brand new coach still in my 9 - 5?
If you have flexible hours and will be able to attend our mastermind sessions, which happen during the weekday during work hours {NYC time} - you should apply. We can discuss your exact situation and availability during the phone consultation.

What if I am already at the six figure level and desire to grow to multiple six - is this mastermind right for me?
Women from all financial levels typically apply. Your individual business and personal strengths and weaknesses will be used to determine if you are a good fit for the group. Growing in your challenge spots with support and sisterhood, along with my coaching (provided each session) will help you achieve your goal of reaching multiple six figures if your application is approved.

I know I really need this but I dont have $2500 and I cant even afford the payment plan - is there a lesser amount I can pay to start?
Because it is highly important that every member be present during each mastermind session, it will be important for you to complete your full investment before the start of the mastermind. This is for your benefit and to ensure that other members are in a community of committed women. Credit card is accepted and so is paypal credit. You might want to look into your financial options to see if you have the financial security and backing to join us.

"17 New Clients AND I made my coaching investment back within the first few weeks of support! "

This mastermind will get you OUT of thinking and IN to action.

Stephanie Clark, Weight Loss & Wellness Coach

We Are Waiting For You.
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